Build & Deployment

The latest stable released codebase can be found under the master branch of the eSignet codebase. All the ongoing bug fixes or feature development are usually on the develop or on a specific feature branch.

It is recommended to either use master or the released tags for local deployment and testing.

Build backend services

Modules under esignet use Maven as the build tool.

esignet-service is a spring-boot application that hosts all the REST endpoints.


  • Java 11

  • Apache Maven 3.8.6


Run the below command to build eSignet backend services.

mvn clean install -Dgpg.skip=true

Use -DskipTests=true to skip test case execution

Build UI

eSignet UI is a react application that is built using npm.


  • npm 8.1.2 or higher

  • node v16.13.2 or higher


  • Run the below command to install all the required dependencies

npm install
  • Run the below command to build the UI application

npm run build

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