eSignet is envisioned as a thin add-on system to any existing digital ID solution to bring in additional capabilities and enhance functionalities.
Do take a moment to watch the video below, which provides valuable information about eSignet and the range of features it offers!
Now, let us understand the key objectives of eSignet:

Enhancing authentication methods

  • It implements OpenID Connect flows, which helps the relying party perform quick and easy integrations using pre-existing libraries for user verification.
  • The system supports only the secure options in OpenID Connect, like authorization code flow to ensure the resident data is handled securely.
  • It is integrated with SBI (Secure Biometric Interface) to facilitate secure biometric collection for biometric-based user verification.
  • The system supports multiple authentication factors, like OTP, biometrics, etc., to be inclusive for all people.
  • All integrations to the ID system are taken as a runtime plug-able library to allow the reuse of official container images that help with easier upgrades.
  • Since this is designed especially for country-scale resident verification, eSignet does not support additional features like role management, session management, etc.

User Centricity

At eSignet, our core goals are to prioritize inclusion and accessibility. We place a strong emphasis on user privacy and data protection. Our platform, eSignet, is designed to enhance user convenience by providing various options and accommodating flexibility in the realm of identity verification.
  • One ID: Gain access to multiple services with ease. Users can log in to integrated government and private sector services using a single identity credential.
  • Mandatory User Consent: Before allowing access to personal information, we require users to provide explicit consent. Our platform incorporates a built-in consent flow.
  • Multiple modes of authentication: We offer various methods for identity verification to accommodate individual preferences.
  • Credential protection: We ensure that login credentials are not shared with relying parties. The login process takes place exclusively on the eSignet platform.

Go digital quickly

  • Fast and secure digital verification across services.
  • Ability to verify residents with the same level of assurance as during registration (OTP, Biometric, Cryptographic key).
  • Empower the government to offer digital verification and e-KYC as a service, enabling improved access to financial inclusion.
  • Easy integration with relying parties, as we follow standard-based protocols, reducing time to market.
  • Narrow and bridge the digital divide by enabling multiple modes of verification.
For more details on eSignet, please go through the below documentation.
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