• e-Signet is envisioned to act as a thin add-on system to any existing digital ID solution to bring in additional capabilities.
  • It implements OpenID Connect flows which helps the relying party to perform quick and simple integrations using pre-existing libraries for user verification.
  • The system supports only the secure options in OpenID connect like authorization code flow to ensure the resident data is handled securely.
  • It is integrated with SBI (Secure Biometric Interface) to facilitate secure collection of biometrics for the biometric based user verification.
  • System supports multiple authentication factors like OTP, Biometrics etc. to be inclusive for all types of people.
  • All integrations to ID system is taken as a runtime pluggable libraries to allow reuse of official container images which helps with easier upgrades.
  • Since this is designed specifically for country scale resident verification, we do not support additional features like role management, session management etc.
Below is a brief demonstration of e-Signet and its offerings.
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