eSignet's oauth-configuration well-known endpoint holds the map which is exactly the same as the OAuth-authorization-server's well-known specification.

  "issuer": "https://esignet.collab.mosip.net",
  "authorization_endpoint": "https://esignet.collab.mosip.net/authorize",
  "token_endpoint": "https://esignet.collab.mosip.net/v1/esignet/oauth/v2/token",
  "jwks_uri": "https://esignet.collab.mosip.net/.well-known/jwks.json",
  "token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported": [
  "token_endpoint_auth_signing_alg_values_supported": [
  "scopes_supported": [
  "response_modes_supported": [
  "grant_types_supported": [
  "response_types_supported": [
  "ui_locales_supported": ["en"]
  • issuer: The base URL of the OpenID Connect provider. The value comes from the configuration property mosip.esignet.discovery.issuer-id.

  • authorization_endpoint: The URL where the authorization request can be initiated.

  • token_endpoint: The URL where the token exchange occurs to obtain an access token.

  • token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported: The supported authentication methods for the token endpoint. In this case, private_key_jwt is supported.

  • token_endpoint_auth_signing_alg_values_supported: The supported signing algorithms for the authentication of the token endpoint. In this case, RS256 (RSA with SHA-256) is supported.

  • userinfo_endpoint: The URL where additional user information can be requested. jwks_uri: The URL where the JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) can be retrieved. The JWKS contains the public keys used to verify ID tokens and other JWTs.

  • scopes_supported: The supported scopes that can be requested during the authentication process. The value should come from the configuration property mosip.esignet.supported.openid.scopes. Common scopes include profile, email, and phone.

  • response_types_supported: The supported response types. In eSignet, we support only two values 'code' and 'code token', for the code flow and the code token flow.

  • ui_locales_supported: The supported user interface locales for localization. The value comes from the configuration property mosip.esignet.supported.ui.locales. Examples: en (English), fr (French), and ar (Arabic).

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