Login using the Foundation ID

  • e-Signet allows easy login to any of the government services using a single credential (as it uses the existing ID repository)
  • Passwordless login using the supported authentication factors

Support for multiple authentication factors

  • This release focuses on the following two authentication factors:
    • OTP
    • Biometric

Wallet based authentication

  • With e-Signet version 1.0, mobile wallet based authentication can be used to scan a QR code and complete the authentication based on the credential already activated for online login. It also performs a local face authentication before using the activated credential.

Quick integrations

  • OpenID being a standard, we get a lot of Client libraries for intergrations. Hence, avoid custom code building for integration.
Consent Registry is designed to store user consent on claims and scopes requested during login into a relying party application using e-Signet or the Wallet application (Inji).
Key highlights of this feature are:
  • Storage of user consent against the requested claims and scopes in the database.
  • If the consent is already provided, the consent screen is bypassed when the user logs in using e-Signet (v1.1.0).
  • Recapture consent in case of changes in requested claims or scopes.

Seamless inclusion of new authentication mechanisms

  • Since the relying party redirects to the e-Signet page, inclusion of new authentication factor can be introduced without any changes to the integration from the relying party end.

Avoids unwanted profiling

  • As the user enters the ID directly on the e-Signet page, the relying party does not have to store the ID which could otherwise be used for profiling incase of data leaks.
  • In our login flows, we collect the user's consent before sharing their private information to the relying party. The user therefore has the privilege for selective sharing of data.

Support for various assurance levels

  • We support the relying party to specify an assurance level based on the usecase of the relying party.

Captcha validation

With e-Signet version 1.0, the OTP-based authentication is now secured with captcha.

Multi-language support

In version 1.0, the e-Signet UI supports multiple languages. By default, e-Signet comes with the following language bundles:
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
Additionally, it can be customized to support other languages as per a country's requirement.
  • e-Signet is also verified for RTL (right-to-left) support.
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