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Login flow with QR code (Inji)

  • Residents should have Inji app installed on the mobile device.
  • They should have credentials downloaded and should have activated it for online login. To know how to activate the VC for online login, refer Inji User Guide.
1. Resident launches the relying party's portal and clicks on Sign In with e-Signet.
The login screen appears and the resident is displayed with the options they can choose for login.
2. There are 2 options for login displayed. Resident can select LOG IN WITH INJI.
  1. 3.
    Now, the resident can scan the QR code displayed on the portal using Inji (on their mobile device).
  1. 4.
    On Inji, the resident can see the VC that is activated for online login. Select the VC and click on Verify.
  1. 5.
    After clicking on Verify, the resident is asked to perform face authentication. On successful authentication, the Consent screen is displayed.
  1. 6.
    Here, the residents can provide their consent and click on Allow. A successful message is displayed on Inji.
  1. 7.
    The resident is able to login into the relying party portal and view their details on the user profile page.
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