Login flow for Biometrics based authentication

1. Resident clicks on Sign In with e-Signet.
They are navigated to the login screen where they can choose the way they want to log in.
2. The resident clicks on LOG In HERE -> More Ways to Login.
3. To get started with login using biometrics, the resident clicks Login with Biometrics.
4. Resident needs to enter valid VID in the Enter Your VID text field.
5. Next, the resident selects a device (face/ iris/ finger) and provides their biometrics.
With e-Signet version 1.0, we have a Refresh button added to display the list of newly connected devices.
6. The resident clicks on the Scan and Verify button.
7. The resident is then navigated to the Consent page. On this page, the Essential and Voluntary claims are displayed.
8. The resident has the choice to select from the list of Voluntary claims while the Essential claims are mandatory and cannot be edited.
9. The resident clicks on the Allow button. The system navigates the resident to the User Profile page and the page displays their details based on the consent provided.