Integrate with eSignet

If you are a relying party looking to integrate with eSignet, you can connect with us by completing the form here. This will assist us in facilitating a seamless integration on collab.

Here are some FAQs on the Google form.

What are redirect URIs?

The redirect URIs are the list of URIs the relying party provides where the authorization code needs to be sent after successful authentication by eSignet.

Why do you need a public key?

The public key shared by the relying party is used to verify the digital signature when there is an authorization request. It is also used to encrypt the user_info and send it to the relying party.

What is JWK format?

JWK (JSON Web Key) is a JSON data structure that represents a set of public keys utilizing either the Elliptic Curve or RSA families of algorithms (public key cryptography).

Learn more about JWK here.

How can I convert a public key to JWK format?

Here is the easiest way to convert your public key (a .PEM file) to JWK format for testing.

  • Select Public Key Use as Signing

  • Select Algorithm as RS256

  • Select Key ID as alpha-numeric-random-string

  • Paste the public key PEM file content in PEM encoded key

  • Click on the convert button

Once you receive the eSignet credentials at the email address provided on the form, please go through our integration guide on relying party integration to complete the integration.

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