Using Mock Data

If you are looking to try out eSignet, here are a few personas that you can use in our Collab environment for testing.


Individual images are included to facilitate selfie authentication for the Inji application.

Please select the appropriate image file corresponding to the chosen UIN above.

Maria Powell.jpeg
James Rodrigious.jpeg
Gorge Cooper.jpeg
Jane Thompson.jpeg

The data used in the above VIDs is fictitious and the images returned are AI-generated from the website:

Steps to use eSignet

We have built a mock health portal that acts as a relying party web portal. Here, as an end user, you are trying to avail online health services by logging into the health portal using your national ID.

You can visit the Collab health portal using this link.

OTP Authentication

As you are going to use mock data for testing, you can try out OTP authentication. Any of the provided personas above can be used for testing, and the default OTP for testing is "111111" (six ones).

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to log in with OTP using eSignet is also available here.

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