Release Number: v.1.4.1

Release Date: 15th July, 2024


This release focuses on incorporating features related to VC issuance plug-ins pertaining to Sunbird RC, enhancing configuration capabilities for Knowledge-Based Identification (KBI), and addressing critical known issues from our previous releases.

1. Features included

The below two plugins have been developed to address a use case of issuance of verifiable credentials (VC issuance plugin) by authenticating/identifying the user via KBI (Knowledge Based Identification) using the Authenticator plugin. Please find below links for more details about the plugin’s and the implemented use case called Insurance verifiable credential using Sunbird RC.

For more details about KBI, please refer to the link KBI.

a. Authenticator plugin implementation for KBI with Sunbird RC.

b. VC Issuance plugin implementation for Sunbird RC.

c. eSignet UI to support KBI form configuration.


  1. The plugins developed are independent of the use cases and may need modifications based on the use case that can take advantage of Knowledge based Identification.

  2. The above has been explained with the help of a use case called Insurance Card VC Issuance to a user using the Sunbird RC registry based on the KBI configuration done within the plugin.

2. Fixes for known issues from v1.4.0

a. Enhanced input field validations with regex implementation.

b. Enhanced and user friendly error messages.

3. Fixes for known issues from v1.3.0

a. Critical & major bug fixes related to eSignet service.

b. Critical & major bug fixes related to the eSignet Signup service.

Please refer to this link for the list of all bugs addressed as part of this release.

Known Issues

  • Key Known Issue:

Jira IssueIssue Description

Intermittent issue faced in Biometric Login when used in certain organization/domain specific laptops.

Please refer to this link for the list of all known issues.

Repositories Released

Repository ReleasedTags






eSignet Signup

For details on deployment, refer to the helm charts in the eSignet repository.


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